Interactive Investigation


For the first part of the new brief we had to research some other film companies as when it comes to joining a media business or company


The second part of the unit was to create our own Film Industry. After researching the competition we could piece together what may work on the market. For this I teamed up with Ben Harding and knuckled down and really got involved with creating our own industry. As you may have read from the sub-heading we decided to call it Gumball. This came to us as we both like the olden days/ old films set in the swingin’ 60’s and we had the original idea of our ‘sticking’ to our customers visions. This has had several renames over the past two weeks such as ‘Gumball Art‘ and ‘Gumball Pictures‘ but in the end we both decided that calling it just ‘Gumball‘ sounded fitting. With our slogan “Re-Imagining Imagination” to go along our logo, which is the next topic; Our Logo changed twice and now we have one that we are comfortable with;

The first design was going for a 60’s vibe with bright colours and a popping title, as seen below, the colour pallet we were going for was bright orange, dark red, sunset yellow and the text to be in electric blue, giving that separation from the rest. We really liked this one as it was fun, creative, and eye pleasing, however when it came to the next day where me and Ben actually took some pictures and started filming we looked back at the footage and noticed that all of the work was ‘serious’ and this didn’t exactly fit with the logo with like I said before, wasn’t that serious. So it went back to the drawing board.Gumball Art_edited-1

The second design had some inspiration from our teacher as we showed him the work and the logo together and asked for his quota. And he said the same as us where we should make the logo ‘toughen up’ a little bit. So that meant stripping away the colour pallet and grabbing a new tone of atmosphere. So our new pallet was Black and White. We tried out changing the colours mixing and matching with the first logo, recolouring it but it really didn’t work. So Ben hopped onto the Internet and began to look amongst other logos and from doing so noticed they were all simple so we got back onto Photoshop and started blending aspects from new and old together. Keeping the diamond shape but distorting it and having a bubble in the middle with the text inside the bubble. And colourising the text to give the impression that it’s ‘bleeding’ from the edges. The final piece is shown;Logo temp2_edited-1

The third and final design is the one we’re most comfortable with. We kept the colour scheme in the previous one and kept the text in the middle. We had changed the font however and wanted to have some of the first in it as well, so we decided to enlarge the inner circle so that it was pointing out the edges, like the first where there were semi-circles poking out of the edges. The text became bigger and more compact and the colour scheme didn’t change, so in conclusion, the general logo didn’t change much from number 2, but we did feel like this one had both number one and two together.Gumball


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