FMP: The British Guys


The test footage that I am conducting for this is divided up into 3 parts. The first is from what I and a mate did during a week off of college and after being given a green light from the local Wetherspoons we filmed the scene that required a bar. This isn’t going to be used after I am debating whether or not to just get rid of that scene. This video features Acting from Oliver Perry and Camera work by yours truly, and was purely made to test camera angles and testing the new cinematic letterbox format. It did work well and I was proud of the footage I got but like I said earlier on I am debating whether or not to cut this scene out of the script due to screen time and the length of the film. Another reason I’m not using this scene is because I want to keep it in the 1950’s and they didn’t have pocket phones then so if I did end up using this scene it would result in me having to re-vamp the whole style of the rest of the scenes and time that this film is set in. The test footage is linked below, it is short but they’re the best footage I feel, I had gotten on the day.

The second test footage includes footage from the same day at Wetherspoons but this time includes some dynamic angling and positioning to give full effect. I didn’t choose to move forward with this scene as from what I have shot and edited already it is 2 minutes in length and with that scene also in the film it could make it a good 10 minute film. I also included footage that I class as ‘test footage’ but more bloopers from the last scene in the film, after the script had been edited. I shows Ben Harding playing the role of Finch Newman and the 2 British Guys, (Charlie Barclay and Ethan Jones) This scene I see is successful and from the editing I did to it I’m really happy with what I got, the tone and the effect I put on a radio – With help from the first person I casted as George Bennett, Josh Chiverton, I decided to make him a 1950’s Radio host. The test footage is below and like the other is short but this showcases the best footage I feel that I had gotten on the days without spoiling the film.

The last test footage is all the filming that was done in Rougemont Gardens featuring all but one of the characters that are starring in The British Guys. I included more ‘Behind the Scenes’ than test footage but some of it I did want to use but didn’t feel like it really fitted. So with extracting them from the overall film I decided to put them in this short show reel of films. In this video I explored a type of filming that I have seen on a BBC show I can’t remember what it was but I really liked the technique of having the camera slanted and then begins to track the actor in front of the camera and slowly begins to turn, becoming vertical. I asked my friend Andrew Smith to bring in his Nikon D3300 so that I could get I could get 2 different angles of the same scene only difference is that I wouldn’t have to ask the actors to do it the same time over and over as some of my actors had to be gone by 12:30 that day and filming didn’t begin until 11:00 I wanted to savour as much time as I could. The main thing that annoyed me the most after all the filming was done and I edited it I watched the other scene, the interrogation scene, and noticed that I gave Charlie and Ethan the wrong ties, but hopefully people won’t realise but it is something that does really annoy me, but that could just be my OCD in films. You have to make a few mistakes here and there. The test footage is down below and is longer than the other two ans there was a lot more footage that I redeemed as good enough to put in a behind the scenes film and test footage film.


Below you will find all the pre-production that I did for my FMP; The British Guys. I had completed
2 risk assessments
recce sheets
3 Storyboards
A script that shall be linked as a Rich Text Document
Meeting sheet
Cast and Crew List
8 Consent Forms

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The British Guys Script


I was going to do weekly Vlogs, but with time and balancing so many things in my life I just didn’t have the time to do it, I did do the first two weeks but I edited them on a new app on my Iphone it completely messed up the files and end videos so I decided to scrap them, so instead, I have been writing about my weeks, which you can have a little read for yourself below!


I began the week by already scripting my idea, which is The British Guys and began to think deeper into how I’d like to present it and the tone of the film. While looking at the FMP Proposal (Final Media Project), I looked at what I will be researching into and who I could use as my media practitioner, wanting not to do Guy Ritchie again, I wanted to do someone different. Another thing that I began to think about is who I would like to star in The British Guys. Who suits the two main characters and trying to put a face to the rest of the characters.


Week two I have finally finished my proposal, with a list of 8 research sources that I may or may not use, I’ve decided to go for a film noire tone to my film and the media practitioner that I have decided to look into is Brian Helgeland, who has done a lot of producing and script writing. I’ve casted all of my actors and finished the script, asking my tutor, James to read through it and asked for his opinion, whether I should strip it a bit and cut it down or if I should just leave it the way it is. After that I decided to strip it down and end the script on a cliff hanger.


I had began to print off my pre-production paperwork and begin filling it in, while doing so scouting out for the locations that I need such as; a Café, A “botanical Gardens” setting and a police interrogation room. I have found some 2 of these locations as my teacher suggested that I used the meeting room in CCI (Centre for Creative Industries).  I thought also about how my opening should be, whether I should use templates on Final Cut or Adobe Premier Elements or if I should shoot my own. I’ve been looking into 1960’s and the 50’s and learned a lot from doing so, I’ve learnt what the culture was in Britain back then and also what the music and style of clothing was like, which is what I needed the most. I’ve touched a little bit on researching Tin Tin Thomson and Thompson and will hopefully finish it next week.


This week hasn’t been as productive as the others as I’ve been starring in Andy’s, Ben’s and Charlies, So it was a week helping out friends with their films. Went to teignmouth on the Wednesday for Andy’s film and then Crediton on the Friday for Ben’s. Began researching about the 1960’s and have learnt so much that I didn’t know!  So this week hasn’t been the most productive but the next will be a week that will be busy as filming is slowly approaching.


So at the beginning of the week I decided to start filming with the Opening Credits, I may use them for test footage but I will have to wait and see how they come out, if they are how imagined or anywhere near then brilliant! – Speaking of test footage I began to edit my second test footage video with footage from Wetherspoons and the Exeter College CCI. Nearly got all my pre-production sorted out, just need to do storyboards and the production risk assessments then it’ll all be groovy for filming. I have left research to one side at the moment as filming is nearing I needed to do all the Pre-production paper work, I just can’t stick to one job can I?


This week has been full of Research! Finished researching the 1960’s and did some camera work for Ben and Andy, Charlie came down to Tiverton on Wednesday to film the opening credits which was a bit tedious as I had to dangle a huge sheet of green over my curtains. The end result looks good however so that made me happy. Touched a bit more on the Tin Tin research but didn’t do all of it due to time restrictions, Began pre-production story boards for the following Thursday, hiring equipment and making sure the script is all up to scratch.


The week that made me worried the most, the scripts main ‘bulk’ of action consists of all the actors being in somewhat the same scenes. I had to arrange all my cast and crew to get to Rougemont Gardens for 11:00am on the Thursday, so that means in between then and now I need to gather props, costumes, equipment which I may ask Andy to bring his camera in so that I can get two angles without asking all my actors to redo the same scene 2/3 times. Did some filming for Josh Chiverton and managed to acquire his revolver the week before which will be used instead of a switch blade for the murder scene. Began to edit and I knew from the first little bit of filming I was going to be doing voice over so sound didn’t really matter. Began working on Foley for my film and from what I have edited is looked as to how I imagined it. Towards the end of the week I had edited all of the Opening Titles, with having Wednesday off I had to act as a British Guy for the opening titles, Adding music to them makes it look really nice, the only thing that I would change about them is the fact that some of the camera work is a bit shakey and unstable. This week has mostly been about preparing for Thursday’s big shoot. Fingers crossed it all goes well!


 The Final week has finally dawned and with just over 70% film shot and some what edited I needed the footage that I had gotten from using Andy’s Camera the past Thursday. All blog work is done apart from Uploading the pre-production paperwork and the evaluation. Been pushed for time but going to be staying up late to make sure I can write about each topic in enough detail to get a Merit. The end result is looking good by adjusting the contrast and darkness to give it that gritty feel and debating whether or not I should make the end film in black and white or keep it in colour. All voice over is being done Wednesday and the day of the deadline due to the availability of my Actors which is something I tried my best to avoid but couldn’t do it any other way. Last part of test footage was uploaded to YouTube and by watching the 3 in order you can tell that in just the past weeks how editing is slowly improving. Just need to get everything checked and in on time, still got high hopes.


The Evaluation section will be the questions given in the brief and a general sum up how the whole FMP went, how pre-production went and how the film turned out.


I managed to complete all the research on time and did some more research on top, this being the 1960’s and Tin Tin Thomson and Thompson. I looked in depth into my practitioner and learned a lot about him. I feel that my film did meet what I had stated in the Proposal, keeping the film to a 5 minute limit. I said in the proposal that I wanted to make a periodic drama based in the 1950’s and have it loosely based off of a Film Noire genre. I feel like with the editing that I have done it meets this criteria.


My chosen practitioner has done a bit of everything, sometimes at the same time, and that’s what everyone had to do for the FMP, so having to script, direct and produce a film can be hard work. Brian has written a lot of scripts in his time and that is something that I am aiming to do, hoping that one will be made into a film. I wanted to set my film in the tone of a light horror, so looking at his scripts he always went for a slow build up to his murders, such as in Nightmare in Elm Street, I attempted this at the beginning of my film by having a slow build up but I feel it may not have worked as I didn’t give enough time after the shot was filmed so it does feel a bit rushed in that perspective.


The skills that I want to show and get across is my cinematography, I am very keen in this subject as I get to decide how each shot should look and exploring the different angles you can have for the film and I believe that I have shown that in this film by exploring the different angles and incorporating them into The British Guys. Editing isn’t really my strong point but I tried my hardest with this, some of the sound could have been better but I did choose Foley and half the sounds in this I couldn’t get, to do the original sound justice. From looking at a lot of scripts I have finally, somewhat, ‘mastered’ script writing and can now allow me to script later projects effectively and clearly.


The concept evolved a lot, from making a short film to a Spider-Man feature film it has changed a lot over the past few months. I feel that by making this film brings my ideas a bit more ‘down to earth’ – as my other ideas not just for FMP but the other units were complex and were going to be hard to make but I let my imagination run wild. With this film I wanted to make it more realistic and creative, not having to use Green screen or pictures, everything in The British Guys is what I have filmed and thought of myself. It all really took off from the inspiration I had got from the Tin Tin detectives Thomson and Thompson.


I would have used time more efficiently, with Pre-Production taking up the majority of the time, finding the suitable locations, doing the story boards etc. It was a challenge to get it all done and begin filming, some of the props that I had written into the script, I couldn’t get hold of so I had to tweak the script on the shoot which was something I didn’t want to do. Sound is okay in the film but it would’ve been nice to have made my own temporary music however I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that so for the next term I will be looking into how to do that. Voice Over was done effectively and didn’t waste time, Wanted the voice over to sound like it couldn’t be told that it was voice over. Not so crisp. Going to remember to check my actors availability next and prepared for any of the actors to drop out, like this topic.


The target audience that I am producing this film for is Crime Drama fans, whether they like periodic or modern day, I wanted this film to be different and have two detectives instead of the typical one and his/ her sidekick. I have shown a few people my film already and 85% of them said that they really enjoyed it, with the remaining 15% just pointing out little errors such as clothing and the narrative from shot to another. When it comes to showing it to strangers who I don’t know will be the real test to see if the film reaches my target on appealing to people who love Crime Dramas.


In my opinion I believe that the film was a success, as I wanted to explore new angles with a camera and try to make a periodic murder mystery. Unfortunately it isn’t the full film but maybe one day I will make the other half and do a little spin off. The filming process went really well as all my actors arrived on time and worked efficiently to the time that we had. I didn’t worry about the audio during the filming process as I wanted to do Voice Over and get more training in the CCI Radio room. The editing went well, I had used a lot of Foley, unfortunately I couldn’t get a sound for every – sound? but I tried to highlight the key sounds and made sure that they could be heard. The research was really fun to do as I got to extend my knowledge about making my film and how I was going to be making it. The extended research made me really think about my film and how it is I’d get that vibe of a 1950’s Film Noire. I feel as if the film does do that justice however from not seeing the ending I’m not sure the audience get the Film Noire feel as if I intended. I believe my film meets the proposal that I assigned for myself. All in all, or to sum up, there are a few things that I would change however it’s lessons to learn for next time and I think that the end product is close to what I imagined and predicted which I believe is a good sign.

So – after 8-9 Long weeks, I am proud to present;



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