Corporate Video


Once a new year comes around, a new assignment is just around the corner. In this case, The new class has to produce a corporate video for an independent business or brand.

For this I’ve chosen to research into 3 different businesses.

1; Tiverton Canal
2; The Coffee Bean
3; Moving Pictures

Each one varies from the others, while keeping some similarities all three don’t have a corporate video for their pages, whether that’ll be a full Website that can be found on the internet or a standard Facebook page that anyone with an account can view. I am surprised that these three lack a video because of how popular they are to those not only living in Tiverton, but those who come across the region visiting and seeing the sights.

If I was to book an interview with any of the three, my highest hopes would lay with the Tiverton Canal, purely based on the fact that there is so much to see and do that all there is on the website is a gallery. A few ideas that I’ve had that I’d propose to the management at the Tiverton Canal is to arrange a few interviews and possibly a boat trip down the Canal itself. Get to meet some of the Horses and meet a few of their Dogs. Showcase some of the scenery and get an insight of the History behind the Canal and what draws people to it.

If the Tiverton Canal doesn’t get back to me then I will contact the Coffee Bean which is a small independant cafe in my hometown Tiverton. They are always busy when I go in and it’s a shame that they are hidden away from the town centre. A few ideas that I have had for the corporate video is to get closeups of some of the food that they sell and a few of the drinks, interviews with customers and the people to run the cafe. There would be some scenic shots of the River exe and basically support the cafe. Make it more noticed.

If all else fails then there is a small comic book shop in harlequins called Moving Pictures, they have a website a small slide show of what sort of brands they sell however don’t showcase anything about the store or what they  sell. Personally I feel that a video promoting their shop would be better than a slide show. A few ideas I have is similar to the others, including interviews of people who work and shop there. A few of their merchandise and Comic Books.

Alternatively, One of my teachers, Laura, has told the class that if they don’t have a client by 2 weeks then she has a few that she can give people, that including working for BBC Radio 1 and a school helping with emotional wellbeing. I will look at these options if a client hasn’t got back to me as of yet. Which with time passing, and no responce, may be the case. I am thinking about doing a mini showreel to show my client when it comes the meeting, however – I’m not entirely sure what sort of footage would be, past work or test shots.


For the first corporate video I looked at Microsoft. Which moved buildings to Los Angeles. This video was well edited and the color palet given, gives it an urban and dull feel. The video is more of a beginning to a documentary than a Corporate Video as there is no general information given about the company or what they do, but more about the new building that they are in. The camera angles that had been used can back this up, they are all taken from a birds eye view looking down on the building and the ground beneath it, the angles do give this video a more cinematic feel and with the music alongside the camera does give it a sense of omnipotence. To discuss more about the music, during the introduction, gives off a hopeful and legendary vibe, however when we get to the main video, the music begins to die down and becomes some what of a mini documentary. The video also lacks statistics about Microsoft and general knowledge of what it is they provide the world with. And alongside that, there is no general product placement, the new building is more or less in the center for each shot but with this corporate video there is no actual products that are being showcased. Overall this video is around 3-4 minutes long in length which in my opinion is a bit too long, especially in this video due to the fact that they keep the style of dull and urban throughout the Video which could make the viewers turn off half way through.  I feel that this promotional video isn’t very strong as it doesn’t very informative about the company and what it is that they do/ sell.

This corporate video is brought all the way from Apple. This video is show casing their new iPhone 7, however this promotional video is done in 107 seconds. The first thing that I’d like to point out is that the video is too fast and the text on the screen is barely readable. Well, you can read it but by the next lyric is up you’ve forgotten what it is you’ve just read. The color scheme is a Black background with white text, and sometimes they switch, I feel Apple did this due to the fact that they try to keep everything as simple as they can. Moving on through the video we can see that they showcase some of the products/ different colors of the new iPhone. But there is one problem I have with this advert if you wish to call it that, – They start showing off new products that they have even though it’s meant to be about the iPhone 7. This could tell the audience watching that there isn’t much different about the new model compared to the old and that they need to fill the time space. Product placement is a bit all over the place in this short video as it’s showcasing several products and with it being in a void type surrounding there isn’t really anything to make the product stand out. Apple, using the rule of thirds, in this video puts the phone just a few milometers away from the center. The music is very fast, and the video uses the technique of cutting to the beat, in fact the music sounds like someone hitting a drum repeatedly. To conclude this promotional video is very strong and fast paced, and unfortunately, it does, in a way, take your breath away. And with the color scheme it can indicate that it’s a bit boring and simple and the same as every other iPhone.

This, personally was my favorite promotional video, due to the fact that it has everything you need to promote your business and gives off the selling point. The selling point in this video is the reclining chairs, hence the name, but they show Computer Generated models showcasing how they work and provide comfort. The company have used bright colors to illustrate the video throughout, not making it dark and urban, compared to Microsoft. There is a God-Like voice narrating over the video, explaining the history and the selling point it self, this video, which I liked is the use of time lapse’s – they haven’t been used too much but enough to get a decent understanding. The music is bright and goes along with video also, keeping a light hearted jingle and tune. Product placement is either in the center or there are several recliners placed around a room just to break it up and show how diverse the chairs can be. This can also help the customer, by the company showcasing all of their models, the customer has a broad horizon of opportunity. And my last point is the locations, it’s very ranged from a living room to the middle of a paradise. To wrap up. This video is very strong and powerful due to the fact that it gives a selling point, why you should buy the chair and history about the company.


BBC Radio 1;

I have decided to work along side Beatrice Green for this assignment. The whole thing came around due to the fact that our cover teacher, Laura, received an email from someone who works with the BBC asking for students to produce a short promotional film for their Radio Event down Exeter College, involving both students and teachers. The reason behind why we took this opportunity is so that we could work alongside the BBC and gain some knowledge/ experience about the company.

What we will offer to the Radio 1 event is our camera skills, editing and sound techniques – making sure that the people who it is that we interview feel comfortable in front of a camera and showing off a small taster for what people can expect at the Event. This would aid the event by making it more aware to the public and people who may go onto their website. We’re hoping that it’ll get people interested and go to the event and leave wanting more to do with the music industry.

The Coffee Bean;

With the Coffee Bean, it’s a different situation, due to the fact that it’s a cafe and not an event. What I would offer them isn’t just your standard interviews with customers and those who own it, I’d showcase some of what it is that they sell, why they want to to run a small and independent cafe and what they want their customers to think and feel when they enter the atmosphere of the cafe.

Hopefully, by doing this promotional video it will make people want to visit the cafe and try it out, as there aren’t that many cafe’s in Tiverton, I personally feel that this is the best, other cafe’s around the town center are either over priced or the food isn’t up to the standards that you expect. So with this video it will encourage people to try it out and visit more often. The service at the cafe is always welcoming, the waitress always tries her best to satisfy the customers and the cook always making the food the best he can do.

Moving Pictures;

Some of the ideas that I’ve had for moving pictures, if they became my client was to showcase some of the merchandise that they sell, What sort of people go into the store and what they want their customers to think and feel when they’re in the store. By showing this/ putting the promotional video on their website this can attract new people to visit their store and hopefully like it, – and because it’s in the city center it can be easily accessed.

It would appeal to their customers by showing some of their mates the promotional video, possibly making them want to go and check out the store. Make the comic book store pop and stand out amongst the others, the owners of the store are friendly and always welcoming, making the customer feel confident and comfortable in the store. They also have merchandise that suits every person that walks in.


Our first meeting with Emma Watson, who is chief organizer of the Radio 1 event, gave us an insight of what she would like to see in the video and where it will be shown. Emma told us that she will be bringing in 4 TV screens or Monitors to be placed around the bottom ground of Center for Creative Industries and that the video produced will be on a loop, so that the attendees won’t miss a second when they’re walking around the event.

She continued, Emma would like to see interviews with local businesses showcasing some of what they do for the general public, the businesses that she would like me and Beatrice to interview are:
– The Bike Shed Theater
– Exeter Phoenix
– Northcott Theater

Emma would also like a few interviews with students who are going to the event to express what they are hoping to expect from the event, she would like mostly Music students as it is a music based event however there are some non-related music industries going to the event. Emma also considered that we got an interview with Rob Bosworth – the vice principal of Exeter College. Following that, we also agreed that the specific target audience that she wants to go to the event are mostly teenagers who are leaving high school going into college and students who are currently in college.

We decided that we won’t have a budget in this film as everything in the video will be shot with a tie clip from the LRC in Exeter College and the camera that will be used is mine.

Below you will find a few emails that were sent to arrange a meeting to discuss the ideas that are listed above, not many ‘interesting’ emails were sent other than to confirm a meeting time or contact details for companies going to the event.


For the assignment we need to understand what it is the average human wants, one of the people we all researched a little bit is Maslow and his hierarchy of human needs and satisfactions. Below is the pyramid that shows us what should be in a television adverts.

One advert that I looked at was the Wii Fit advertisement. This advert shows a nuclear family; Husband, Wife and two children, all sat on a sofa while the husband/ dad is on the Wii fit board. The sound during this advert is calm and mellow, to give the Wii that simplistic feel that Nintendo seems to drive. The music is a small jingle while containing a fun vibe that can get the whole family involved. The Mise en scene in this video is in the centre, putting the audiences full attention on the product itself. But in the background the placement of the Families ornaments and furniture is organised in a somewhat ‘organised mess’. Where we can’t really see the furnishing in the background but the furniture in the foreground is placed in the middle of the room, but also allowing enough floor space for the Wii Fit board.

The lighting in this advert is bright and homely to symbolise that it is a family game and can be used by anyone of any age, the room is well lit so that everything in shot can be seen and the sun beams coming from behind the Dad/ Husband can be portrayed as a metaphor for a ‘spotlight’ giving the impression that “You’re on the spot”, like you’re on a stage ready to perform. The clothing chosen also for the Dad/ Husband is light grey and white, which are the two colours that the Nintendo company were centred around back when the Wii first came out. It gives a sense of cleanliness and simplicity, which I believe is what the Wii Fit tried to put across, “you’ll feel cleansed after doing a workout on the Wii Fit Board and we like to keep our software and interface plain and simple”, easy for the target audience which is for any age group.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Client:
“My initial thoughts after watching your edit..

I really liked the event bits you’ve added in (especially the green screen clip in the second half as this was my dad in the clip! Did you know?!) The music seemed very slightly high? Only the first half. I liked the change between the two halves and I especially liked the feet shot going into the room before the Rob Bosworth section. I liked the movement and the variety of things to see in your video. I was slightly unsure by the central station shot but the Gandy Street and central Exeter shots were really great. There was a lot more in your video edit and I think you have put a great deal of work into it. Be careful not to use shody looking shots…ie, the hand rail with the dirt on it. Be classy with your work. Never compromise for the sake of an interesting depth of field shot. Its the minor details and the quality of your work which will make a ‘great’ video :)”

For me, in all honesty this whole brief was a challenge at first but once a client was secured time just decided to fade away. To begin with I emailed 3 possible clients, all containing ideas for their videos showcasing what it is that they sell to the public, however, none of them got back to me, well – unless it was too late into the brief. So instead I worked alongside Beatrice Green to produce a short Advertisement for an event that someone (Emma Watson) at the College was hosting. Emma wanted us to have interviews of local businesses and students that would be attending the event to share what they can expect from the event. Getting a response from all the clients proved a bit challenging but we had lots of interviews by the end. We even interviewed the Vice Principal!

We made one video that was shown at the event on a loop that was edited by Beatrice using Final Cut Pro 10. I however wasn’t a big fan of the end result so a week prior to this I began editing on my version of the final video. Filming was an ongoing task as getting enough filler shots was something I wanted to have, from watching the BBC Radio 1 Academy video that the Phoenix shot, there was a lot of voice over and enthusiastic filler shots included and I feel that the first video lacked that.

The music that we used was from a YouTube creator as the contact I had in the music block didn’t have the time to produce a 2-3 minute long piece to be running in the background. The music I feel went well with the video, immersing the footage to the beat of the soundtrack playing in the background made the video not only enjoyable but satisfactory to watch. There was no real Miser en scene in this video as there was no product that we were advertising other than the event. I explored with different focusing techniques and angles in this video to give it a sense of ‘pop’ factor. Which could be said the same for the cinematography, I purely wanted things to not be in the centre, every object/ person you see in this piece is either shot on an angle or a low angle looking up (Except for the last interview with Emma).

Recording the narration/ interviews was a bit tedious throughout the event purely because of settings on the camera used and background noise being picked up. With interviews involving Rob Bosworth and Katie Kingdom, the microphone decided to only pick up the voice in a certain way so that on playback it’d only come through one speaker. I tried to resolve this by adjusting the balance, this somewhat worked, well, the best I could do with the editing software that I have. An interview with David Lockwood at The Bike Shed Theatre was a big issue as the microphone didn’t even work so I had to be a bit unprofessional and record the audio on my phone and try to sync it up to the video in the editing process. I believe to think that I executed this well, even though the sound was a bit quiet at times but managed to turn it up during editing. The remaining interviews went well with the only problem with the audio was the fact that it picked up some background noise of students in the background, but hopefully I managed to cut it out or blend it in with the music so that it couldn’t be noticed quite so easily.

This experience as a whole was a definite eye opener as it was strange to be working for a real client and especially the ‘top dogs’ – BBC Radio 1. I wanted the end result to be as professional as possible. I truly wanted this piece of work to be a piece of art. I remained professional throughout the project, other than the audio issue with David Lockwood, including the emails and conversations/ pitches me and Beatrice had with Emma they were all formally structured and remained polite. Going freelance was a bit weird at first because of the feeling of being isolated to be left to find a client became a bit over whelming when your peers around you begin to get their clients and yet you’re still waiting for a reply from yours. It was a daunting feeling that did start to get me worried. I personally wouldn’t consider working in a corporate video due to the fact that there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and if there’s one mistake or something that the client didn’t like then you may get on their bad side. I may make a few more corporate videos to get more experience and confidence, ready for the big world.

The final videos are listed down below, Hope you enjoy!

Beatrice’s Final Edit:

My Final Edit:


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