Working In Media Industries

BECTU = Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematography and Theatre Union

What Is A Union..?

A union is where a collective of people join together so that if one individual disagrees with the pay that the company is giving, then the union will ‘strike‘ have a stand still until that person gets the needs that’s been offered. A company such as BECTU will enforce these regulations and make sure everyone gets fair pay for the work/ hours being put in.

Rates In The BBC (Soaps)

Below are the rates for if you aspire to work for the BBC. This shows the wages and the varied range of jobs available. And joining BECTU will allow you to get these wages, as if the producer doesn’t give you the correct sum of money then joining this Union will allow you to strike with many others whose part of the same union. Just to get the same wage or correct wage. Moving on to the role in the rates below, the role that I’d like to play in the T.V./ film industry is a camera operator, and not only because they earn approximately £1,305.73, but because it’s great fun just exploring all the angles and having told what angles somebody is having visions about can really bring together the shoot or scene. If that makes sense? – Anyway, being a camera operator allows you to follow your dream in being behind a camera and to hopefully succeed in entertainment on the screen of a TV or picture house. Working for a soap would be very interesting and fun and a pure mystery due to the fact that with soaps, they tend to run along side real life at the right times, so finding out when and how they film it would be a real delight.

But with that aside for the moment, lets talk a little about how BECTU works and runs, BECTU is a Union, one of the biggest, which has lots of followers. So – with that being said, how does it work? – well, I’m glad you asked, with all these people whom has joined a union which in this case is BECTU, if one person doesn’t get paid the amount it says on the contract then that person has the right to strike. Yes you heard me right, Strike. Like teachers – if one person part of the union doesn’t get paid the amount that they should then everyone in that union will host a strike to show that they demand the amount of money that they deserve and should be getting. This usually works as it can be used as a form of intimidation on the company, in my opinion any way, I personally would consider joining BECTU because of it’s size and supportive terms.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 09.39.30

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